Susana del Pozo Aguilera

Postdoctoral researcher in Cátedra Iberdrola-Usal VIII Centenario. PhD in Civil Engineering (2016, University of Salamanca) with international mention and Cum-Laude distinction after the conclusion of her doctoral thesis entitled: “Multispectral imaging for the analysis of materials and pathologies in civil engineering, constructions and natural spaces” which was internationally awarded by the CIPA-ICOMOS. Her research interests are focused primarily on the fusion of different geotechnology sensors and techniques to remotely assess the condition of civil engineering buildings, materials, discriminate between different types of rocks and even to detect diseases in crops. She performed a research stay at the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Department of the TuDelft University (Netherlands, 2014) working on the geometric and spectral characterization of outcrops, linking in situ and spaceborne measurements. She has an MSc Degree in Laboral Risks (2011) at the University of La Rioja and a BSc. Civil Engineering Degree (2009) at the University of Salamanca.

Research lines:

  • Radiometric and geometric calibration of multispectral sensors
  • Radiative transfer models
  • Close-range multispectral images applied to engineering and agronomy
  • Computer vision applied to image-based modeling of aircrafts and complex scenarios

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