Susana Lagüela López

Distinguished researcher in Cátedra Iberdrola-Usal VIII Centenario. Mining Engineer (2009) from the University of Vigo, where she also received her MSc in Environmental Engineering (2010). She obtained her PhD with international mention in 3D thermography in 2014 at the University of Vigo, receiving an Extraordinary PhD Award. She was a visiting researcher at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (2010), the University of California Berkeley (2011) and the ITC-CNR in Italy (2012). She performed a postdoctoral research stay at ETH Zurich (2014), working on the application of thermography for the study of evapotransporation phenomena in porous media. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher in Salamanca University. Author of more than 30 papers and conference contributions, she received the Prize to Young Researchers in New Technologies from the Council of Pontevedra, Spain (2011), and the Prize “Ermanno Grinzato to Researchers Under 30” from the International Conference in Thermography, AITA2013. She is an official thermographer Level 1 for the Infrared Training Centre (Sweden).

Research lines:

  • Quantitative thermography: material thermal characterization
  • 3D thermography
  • Image processing and interpretation

Susana del Pozo Aguilera

Postdoctoral researcher in Cátedra Iberdrola-Usal VIII Centenario. PhD in Civil Engineering (2016, University of Salamanca) with international mention and Cum-Laude distinction after the conclusion of her doctoral thesis entitled: “Multispectral imaging for the analysis of materials and pathologies in civil engineering, constructions and natural spaces” which was internationally awarded by the CIPA-ICOMOS. Her research interests are focused primarily on the fusion of different geotechnology sensors and techniques to remotely assess the condition of civil engineering buildings, materials, discriminate between different types of rocks and even to detect diseases in crops. She performed a research stay at the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Department of the TuDelft University (Netherlands, 2014) working on the geometric and spectral characterization of outcrops, linking in situ and spaceborne measurements. She has an MSc Degree in Laboral Risks (2011) at the University of La Rioja and a BSc. Civil Engineering Degree (2009) at the University of Salamanca.

Research lines:

  • Radiometric and geometric calibration of multispectral sensors
  • Radiative transfer models
  • Close-range multispectral images applied to engineering and agronomy
  • Computer vision applied to image-based modeling of aircrafts and complex scenarios

José Antonio Martín Jiménez

Predoctoral researcher in Cátedra Iberdrola-Usal VIII Centenario . He earned his Diploma in Computer Science (1993) at Salamanca University (Spain), and graduated in Computer Engineering (1996) at Valladolid University (Spain). He is an applications analyst and programmer in different languages. His teaching and research lines are focused on developing applications for Engineering and Architecture.

Research lines:

  • Application development for engineering and architecture

María Sánchez Aparicio

Researcher in Cátedra Iberdrola-Usal VIII Centenario. In 2013, she got surveying engineering degree at University of Salamanca. Later, she studied mining and energy engineering degree (2018). During the course 2016-2017, she studied the master´s degree in Cartographic Geothecnologies applied to Engineering and Architecture, receiving the TCUE award for her Master dissertation. She has training courses focused on the application of Geographic Information Systems to different fields of the enginering, including courses of Phyton and PostgreSQL.  Nowadays, she is doing her PhD in Geotechnologies Applied to Construction, Energy and Industry at the University of Salamanca which is related with renewable energy.

Research lines:

  • Geographic Information System applied to mining and energy
  • Photogrammetry and laser scanning applied to mining and energy

Enrique González González

Industrial technical engineer (2008) at the University of Valladolid. His degree dissertation, entitled “Design and build of a Solar Cooker” was awarded by the Catedra of renewable energies. Later, in 2012, he receved the degree in industrial engineer at the University of Valladolid.
In 2012 he started working in Aernnova Aerospace as structural engineer for aerospace industry, developing international projects for different companies (Airbus, Embraer, Bombardier, Boeing, etc).
In 2018 he started working as freelance, developing technological projects. Also he has participated in the entrepreneurship program “Tatiana Perez de Guzman el Bueno” foundation with the project “Sistema de regulación de altura”. Nowadays he is working in research project ENER3DMAP within research group TIDOP.

Research lines:

  • Renewable energy.

Paula de Andrés Anaya

Higher technician in Urban Planning and Topographic Operations with Honors in 2014 by the Secondary School Andrés Laguna (Segovia) and graduate in Geomatic Engineering and Topography at the Higher Polytechnic School of Avila in 2019 by the University of Salamanca. During the academic year 2018/2019 she obtained a collaboration grant in the USAL department of “Cartographic and Land Engineering” for the project “ENER3DMAP”. She has taken different courses in Geographic Information Systems, graphic design and 3D modeling.

Research lines:

  • Geographic Information Systems applied to the Calculation of Land Surface Temperature
  • Application development for the calculation of Land Surface Temperature