Given the growing need to adapt current electricity networks, in which production is not necessarily done at the points of greatest demand, towards networks where energy resources are distributed so that the proximity between generation and demand based mainly on sources is met of renewable energy, this project has as main objective the analysis of the energy network in Spain, and its redesign.
An integral system of customer and resource management will be developed, incorporating spatial information representation in three dimensions, SIG 3D, based on CityGML, in which all the relevant information on the renewable and non-renewable energy potential is included, as well as as information from customers and sources of consumption, so as to allow the evaluation of the redesign of the energy network at all levels (technical, environmental and economic). This system will incorporate models developed for the prediction of terrestrial energy behavior based on satellite information and complementary measurements, so that the different scenarios are kept up-to-date and the forecasts can adjust to changes in regulation, politics and socioeconomic circumstances.

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